Friday, January 10, 2014

4 Star Review!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food critic is Carol Deptolla.  She took over for the long-time, and very popular critic Dennis Getto (I'm not sure why I mention that - it's been 6 years since Getto passed away).

Until today, the only restaurant that I ever saw her give her top rating of 4 stars to was Sandy D'Amato's restaurant, Sanford's.  We go there once a year for our anniversary and always order their tasting menu with wine pairing.  It's the best meal we have all year.  In 2012 our friend and colleague PB surprised us by calling ahead and picking up the bill at the end of the night!

Today she reviewed a new restaurant in town, Ardent, that she also gave 4 stars to.  Technically, it should have gotten on 3.83 stars since she only gave it 3.5 for ambience, but no need to quibble.

We will have to check it out for a special occasion.  And, get the tasting menu, I am sure.

These are the pictures of our New Year's Eve dinner with our friends Amy & Sara: