Friday, April 19, 2013

Bittman on Cooking

Mark Bittman had a good article in the April 18, 2013 NYT (read it here) discussing the value of cooking with Michael Pollan.  Now a dinner with Bittman and Pollan sounds like a lot of fun.

I really can't comment on the processed food that they are talking about.  We never buy it, let alone cook it. I'm not even all that sure what their talking about.  I used to look at what other people buy at the grocery, but with self-checkout, I don't have that opportunity any more.

Why would you buy jars of spaghetti sauce?  Red sauce is simple:

  • Saute onions (always in the pantry)
  • Saute some peppers if you have them
  • Toss in a Parmesan cheese rind if you have one (freeze them - they're useful to have)
  • Add some minced garlic (always on hand)
  • Add some canned tomato products (always in the pantry - crushed, diced, sauce)
  • Add herbs as desired (oregano, basil, thyme, salt, pepper flakes)
  • Simmer twenty minutes
You can do lots of things with that sauce, from simply putting it over spaghetti to adding cod or monkfish and cooking till done.

Cook your own food!  What could be better?
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