Friday, April 26, 2013

Coffee & Coffee Makers

I don't drink a lot of coffee.  I'll have 1 - 2 cups during the week, maybe twice that on weekends.  If Laurie is out of town I usually won't make coffee at all, preferring a cup of tea.

In February our very reliable Black & Decker drip coffee maker finally failed.  The switched had been going for a while and for the last six months or so we needed an ice pick to push the "On" button.

We really like the insulated carafe style.  I couldn't find one like the one we had, but did find one we liked made by Zojirushi (on Amazon, of course).  Zojirushi is a Japanese company that got its start making Dewar flasks (I was hooked with that!)  The carafes must be excellent!

We got the unit in February.  It's a little cumbersome to line up the carafe beneath the coffee outlet, and the tank isn't as easy to fill, but it's pretty nice and makes a good cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, it started to leak.  I called Zojirushi and the sent me a UPS label to return it.  I sent it in a couple of weeks ago, they repaired it, and it's on its way back.

For the last couple of weeks we've had to use our French press.  I like a French press- it makes good coffee and it brings you back to the essence of what making coffee is.  But it only makes a couple of cups, you have to boil water, it cools down fast, the bottom third has a lot of fines in it, blah, blah, blah.

Hopefully we get our Zoj back for the weekend.

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