Friday, February 20, 2015

We Bought A Lamb

Pinn-Oak Ridge Farm is a lamb farmer that we often buy cuts from at our farmers' market.  We love lamb, and decided to buy a whole one from them.

I don't know much about the cuts you get from butchering an animal, but the were very helpful in walking me through it.  We are getting:

  • 2, 2 lb shoulder roasts
  • 2 racks, Frenched
  • 12 loin chops, 2 chops per package
  • 2, semi-boneless legs
  • 2 shanks
  • 4 - 6, 1 lb packages of ground lamb
  • heart, liver, and kidneys
  • bones for stock
They will bring it to the market for us in a few weeks.  That should give me time to figure out what to do with the organ meat.

I can't wait!

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