Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Farmers' Market

We had a very successful trip to the farmers' market Saturday.
  • Ground lamb and lamb shanks from Pinn Oaks farm
  • Blue and Settlers' Swiss cheese from Decator Dairy
  • A Bronze Ranger chicken from Dominion Farms
  • Carrots from Springdale Farms (our CSA)
  • Eggs
  • Celeriac
I asked the guy we bought the celeriac from if he ever grew okra.  He said he doesn't because okra really thrives on heat and poor soil "neither of which we have in Wisconsin."  Too bad.  We like okra.  Fortunately is is always available at the Indian (subcontinental, not reservation) grocery store we go to.

The market is at the Domes on 27th street.  It used to be in the lobby but it now is in the green house next to the Tropical dome.  It's a better location:  more space and much better flow.
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