Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grilled Rainbow Trout & Egg Plant with Pesto

I like grilled, whole fish a lot, although Laurie is not too keen on them. Something about the eyes, I think.
Slit the fish perpendicular to the spine. Stuff the body cavity with herbs - I used chives and rosemary for this trout.

Oil the grate of a hot grill and gently put the fish on it. Let it sit for five minutes, then gently move it so that it's loose from the grill. Let it cook for another three minutes and gently roll it over.

Cook on the flip side for eight more minutes.

I have mixed results with egg plant and want to master it this year. Egg plant has a very high water content which makes grilling a good technique and is also very porous, causing it to soak up oil like a sponge.

Peel and cut the egg plant into disks. Liberally salt in put into a colander to draw out the moisture. Let it sit for at least fifteen minutes, then shake off the water or blot with a towel.

Right before putting it onto the grill, coat with olive oil. Grill with indirect heat to prevent charring: easier said than done.
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